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Right after I graduated high school I volunteered to do the national youth service as a teacher, teaching in a service called” into the light “or “Jamal “this was an adult learning program then so I was teaching adults some of the subjects I learned in high school. I was doing this for a while before I realized the restrictions of the curriculum, I found out that there were not much I could expand on because of the time given to do so and I felt frustrated and clustered inside because there were so much more I wanted to say and that was when I started jotting down the way I felt and some things I wanted to say. When I go home in the evenings I would think a lot about what I wanted to say to the people but can’t.

I kept this inside for two years, the time required to fulfill that voluntary services but just before my time was up, the ministry of education sent me an invitation to attend teacher’s college tuition free but I https://www.thesealofmysoul.comwp-admin/admin.php?page=smart-slider3turned it down and went on to study book keeping and accounting instead at the Jamaica Commercial Institute, so while going to school, I formed a club so we could promote social events inside the school among the classes and that was when I started reciting some of the poems I was writing as lyrics to songs.

Ultimately, after years of writing and performing some of these writings and the encouragement of some of my producers and life on a whole keep changing, I decided to publish this poetry to share with the world my more that I’ve always wanted and still do want to say.